Matt Gale

MA Fine Art exhibition (September 2017)

My research examines the privileging influence of science and the authority it can confer within society. There tends to be an information gap between those who conduct scientific research and the rest of society that is frequently filled by interest groups filtering research for different agenda. Science is perceived as providing truth and certainty making it a very attractive tool for those who want to ‘sell’ us something whether it’s ideas or products. My work examines ambiguity, redundancy, unpredictability and independent agency to question our expectations what science offers.

MA Fine Art interim assessment exhibition (May 2017)

My work has been exploring the blurring of boundaries between organic and synthetic states. I have been experimenting with integrating contrasting materials that, together, mimic the complexity and layered structural elements found in organic life.


R. K. Burt Gallery, London. 6-14 April 2017

​For the PULPA exhibition, my approach was to play with the materiality of paper itself rather than using paper as a background for a different artistic medium.

Chisenhale Studios

Residency at Chisenhale Studios May 2016 hosted by Hannah Honeywill. Save Our Children is a response to Hannah's piece Atascadero (you were born too soon, I was born too late), referencing attempts to cure homosexuality in 1960s America and Anita Bryant's anti-gay campaign during the 1970s.


Residency March 2016 (mac birmingham, Turning Point West Midlands and New Art Gallery Walsall), led by Simon Poulter. During this residency, I explored the impulse to delay or halt ageing and decay in organic life.

April 2016

May 2016