If Bark were Skin (2019- 2022)
This is one of those pieces of work I can't seem to leave alone. It's been evolving and growing since I first made it for the Expanded Studio Residency at Eastside Projects in 2019. It was originally titled Once You've Seen One... and was a more 'meaty' anthropomorphic creation. I've shown it many times with a feeling that it was no longer depicting something completely mammalian. It seems more like a hybrid now, although I didn't get around to renaming it until recently. It's actually changed again, being significantly elongated and stiffened with a new bioplastic limb extending from the base. If I get an opportunity to exhibit in it's newest form, I'll add photos.

Rhymes with Orange, Fold Gallery 158 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6YW (9 June - 16 July 2022)

Queer Contemporaries, curated by Short Supply at Air Gallery, Manchester (August-September 2020)
Pack Midlands showcase, online (May 2020)

On Smocking, Science and Sex (April, 2020) Decorating Dissidence, Issue 8: Queering Craft

Queer Art(ists) Now, Archive Gallery, London (March 2020)

Expanded Studio Residency, Eastside Projects (June 2019)